Tony Bunday Labour and Coop PCC candidate

Tony Bunday: Labour and Co-operative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the IOW

I have over 40 years relevant experience, working across much of Hampshire and managing in health, social care, criminal justice services, and the voluntary sector. I have particular expertise in youth justice/youth offending, substance misuse, homelessness, and metal health and since 1987 I have always been involved in cutting edge, multi-agency services with successful outcomes. I am now a part-time Inspector with the Care Quality Commission and I run my own business.

Our local police force has been badly affected by significant cuts and additionally is the worse funded in the country. It is underfunded by £42m per year AND this is getting worse. Cuts to other services have also deeply undermined the effectiveness of the fight against crime. Nationally, morale of our police staff is at an all-time low and experienced officers are leaving in record numbers. New investment is welcome, but it is not fully funded, and it does not come close to addressing the deficits acquired over the last 10 years. Accommodating new officers will cause cuts to be made elsewhere.

The Commissioner must represent the people and be an effective and committed advocate for them, both to the Chief Constable and to Central Government. They must understand the drivers of crime and how to disrupt these. We need a ‘what works’, collaborative, and community driven approach to crime and anti-social behaviour. Everybody has a right to feel safe and secure in their own home and community. The police must be responsive to, and embedded in, their local community, and working together to make communities safer. New recruitment provides a real opportunity to make our force more representative of our communities. Our police service must play its part in tackling the climate emergency.

I have the skills, experience, and passion to be an effective Police and Crime Commissioner. I will focus on effective strategies to tackle crime, to keep our people and communities as safe as possible, and to make sure our police force is as accountable, effective, and responsive as it can be. I want to do this in keeping with Labour’s core values of: Equality, fairness, social justice, promotion of strong and resilient communities, and the protection of the environment. I want to improve public access to the police and to ensure we have a police service which works for all our communities.

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