Schools are facing cuts under the Tories

Schools are facing cuts under the Tories

Schools across New Forest West will be cutting staff and not spending on things like books, computers or support services like speech therapy and counselling. Even the Conservative-dominated Public Accounts Committee says that funding cuts could ‘threaten the quality of education and educational outcomes’.

A National Audit Office report in December said that

schools are facing cuts of 8% in real terms by 2019-20.

The Government says it is spending more on education than ever, but that’s because pupil numbers are rising. They say they are increasing spending per pupil but that’s not taking inflation into account. The truth is that spending per pupil is set to fall 6.5% in real terms by 2019-20 according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The Tories have also changed the rules so that schools have to pay more towards teachers’ pensions and NI, which means their costs are spiralling as funding is squeezed.

Our education system is facing a funding crisis that comes on top of years of the Tories meddling in the curriculum, imposing stressful tests on primary children, messing about with GCSE exams and diverting public money into free schools.

It’s no wonder Head Teachers are in despair.

Jo Graham