Sir Desmond Swayne

Response to recent comments by Sir Desmond Swayne MP

Response from New Forest West Labour Party to comments by Sir Desmond Swayne MP on the current situation in Afghanistan

Once again we have been given cause to feel deeply ashamed by the comments made by the MP, Sir Desmond Swayne.

His intervention in the Commons debate on the situation in Afghanistan (18th August) displays a complete lack of humanity. With so many Afghans who have supported coalition troops living in a state of terror expecting a knock on the door at any moment from Taliban forces intent on reprisal, and women in fear of their lives simply for having been media commentators, no wonder so many are trying to flee the country.

As a former International Development Minister, you might expect Swayne to feel some empathy for those living in abject terror and seeking to escape what they fear may be a death sentence. He might even have useful ideas about how we could help people get to safety. Unfortunately, he chose instead to focus his attention on seeking to apportion blame on the Afghan people.

When a fire starts, the decent, honest and humane thing to do is to get people in danger to safety as quickly as possible, not stand around discussing who might be at fault.

New Forest West is entitled to expect better from our MP.