2017 Annual General Meeting

On Monday 16th October, we held our Annual General Meeting in the Nedderman Centre, New Milton.  Attendance was good and there was lots to discuss.  Outgoing chair Brian Curwain opened the meeting with a look back at the year, before standing down.  Joan Iles also stood down after many years’ service as our treasurer.  John […]

Conference 2017

Several of our local members attended the Labour Party conference in Brighton over the last week.  Conference is where the membership of the party get to set the direction of the party.  New Forest West sends a delegate who takes part in debates on the local party’s behalf, and votes on any motion requiring a […]

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow in Ringwood North

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Tomorrow voters in Ringwood North get a chance to replace the independent councillor who stood down earlier in the year.  Don’t forget to vote! 

Read Peter Kelleher’s election address

Read Peter Kelleher’s election address Peter’s election address is on the front page of the first edition of our new newsletter for Ringwood North, ‘Poulner Rose’.  Peter tells us about himself, discusses why he would make a great town councillor for the people of the Ringwood North ward, and asks the electors of Ringwood North […]

Ringwood North By Election

The Labour Party candidate in the Ringwood North ward by election for the Ringwood Town Council is local resident Peter Kelleher.

Austerity has strangled Britain

Austerity has strangled Britain The Tories don’t have a coherent economic policy. While we wait for them to agree terms with the DUP, the truth about our economy is beginning to trickle out into the press. The economic news didn’t get much of a mention during the election campaign. The Bank of England’s warning that […]

A message of thanks from Jo

A message of thanks from Jo What an incredible few weeks this has been. I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and voted Labour, yesterday. We may not have won in New Forest West, but we took 20% of the vote and came a brilliant second, on a turnout of over 70%. With […]

Vote Labour on Thursday June 8th

Jo’s pledges 1 million new homes including half a million council homes 1 million new good jobs 10,000 more police officers on the streets, and more money for the security services Proper funding for the NHS and schools Social care costs capped at £70,000 so you won’t lose the whole value of your home The […]

Jo’s penultimate blog of the campaign

Jo’s penultimate blog of the campaign This campaign has been an amazing experience for me. I have met a huge number of new people and listened to a wide range of perspectives on the same issues. I’ve seen the responsibility an MP has and the potential to make a difference for people living in this […]