Social care cuts cause hospital bed crisis

Social care cuts cause hospitals bed crisis

Under Labour, NHS waiting times were at record lows and the numbers of nurses, doctors and operations grew. The NHS got better under Labour. But since the Tories took control, the NHS has gone from bad to worse and now it faces the worst crisis in its history (the Red Cross call it “a humanitarian crisis”).

Government cuts mean beds have been closed, and now many beds are “blocked” – occupied by people who could home, but are stuck because County Council cuts means there is not enough social care to allow them home. Social care cuts also mean home visits have been reduced. Tory cuts mean vulnerable people could be in danger.
The blocked beds also mean A&E departments are full up, and we’ve seen reports of patients being stuck in hospital car parks in ambulances because there is no room in A&E to treat them.
Social service cuts are a disaster for people receiving care – for people who want to go home but are stuck in hospital – and for emergency patients who can’t get a hospital bed and proper treatment. We will increase social care funding and help free up NHS beds for patients who desperately need them.