Heartless Ringwood Town Council condemned by local school pupils and Labour activist

Ringwood people are not heartless

Ringwood Town Council have been condemned by a petition set up by Ringwood school pupils and signed by over seven hundred people.

In December the town council agreed a resolution saying that it would not do anything to help any refugees from Syria.

The petition said

local town Councillors decided to take ‘no further action’ in aiding the crisis, based upon reasons such as that housing families would ‘uproot’ them from everything they know and ‘put pressure on local services’, regardless of the awful conditions they would be leaving, and the fact that the families would be funded by the government, not local people, and provided with private, not council, housing. The lack of empathy and weak arguments put forward by the Councillors who voted on this issue is upsetting and we feel that this decision is not representative of the people of Ringwood.

The petition was presented to the council at its December meeting, and local Labour Party activist Peter Kelleher also spoke in support of the petition and against the attitude of the town council. He reminded the council that the government has pledged to take 20,000 refugees and that over 160 other local councils across the UK have signed up to help.

The town council will discuss this issue again at their Policy and Finance Committee meeting on January 18th – we hope you will go along and show your support for refugees.

The petition can be viewed and signed here.