Don’t forget to vote tomorrow in Ringwood North

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

Tomorrow voters in Ringwood North get a chance to replace the independent councillor who stood down earlier in the year.  Don’t forget to vote!  Voting takes place between 0700 and 2200 in the Poulner Junior School community room on North Poulner Road for all residents of Ringwood North, even for those who in other elections would normally vote at the Baptist Church Hall.  If you are eligible to vote, you should have already received your polling card.  If you can’t find this, don’t worry, it is not needed – you can just visit the polling station anyway to vote.

If you are registered for a postal vote but have not managed to get your vote in the post on time, don’t worry, you can hand your vote over at the polling station any time before 2200 and it will be included in the count.

If you cannot vote in person due to a last minute event which is unavoidable or due to an emergency, you can request for another person to vote on your behalf.  Applications can usually be accepted up to 1700 on the day of the poll.  Contact New Forest District Council Electoral Services for more details.

Once again thanks go from Peter and the local Labour party to all those people who work hard on the day to make democracy happen.