Cuts cause crime rate increase

‘Fewer police blamed for big rise in crime’

Crime in the New Forest has increased by over 20% in 2015/2016, according to figures given to the District Council. But at the same time, Hampshire Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane have written to the government complaining that Hampshire Police are underfunded compared to other countries.

We support their call to Police Minister Brandon Lewis for Hampshire to be funded fairly. The Tories have cut police funding in our county every year since 2010. There are fewer police officers (down by 20% ) and many police stations have been closed. There were over 8,000 serious crimes in our area last year. If your house is burgled, you may get a visit and a crime number for your insurance, but there is almost no chance of getting back what was stolen because officers are dealing with other crimes.

Tory cuts have gone too far – we are calling for Hampshire Police funding to increase and to be done fairly, so our local streets and homes are safer.

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