Our local party

The New Forest West Constituency Labour Party is the home of progressive politics in the western half of the Forest. We cover the whole of the New Forest West constituency at Westminster – the towns of Fordingbridge, Lymington, New Milton and Ringwood, and the villages and rural areas in between. We stand candidates for town, district and county councils, and of course general elections.

Ours is a beautiful part of the country dominated by the New Forest National Park:  most of our constituency is rural.  Driving from Martin in the north-west to Lymington in the south-east covers nearly 30 miles and takes 55 minutes.

But this beauty and rural character belies many challenges.  Housing is at a real premium: development restrictions in the national park and the demand for housing put pressure on the land outside the park.  Though our area is generally renown for its wild rural character, Lymington and Ringwood once featured significant heavy industry which vanished in the 1990s.  Today all of our towns contain light industry, small commercial enterprises and larger employers: we are not just an area of agriculture and tourism.  Our social mix reflects a real contrast of families struggling to get by, and real rural poverty, set next to pockets of significant wealth and retirees looking for a beautiful place to spend their latter days.

New Forest West needs bold, progressive solutions to the many challenges that it faces.  There is only one party that can provide those solutions: that party is Labour.